Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nana and Papa on Vacation in Deerfield, Florida

It seems so strange to be away from our four favorite young people for almost five weeks. The beach here is beautiful. You would love playing in the white sand and swimming in the ocean.

We have met many interesting, fun people which are very different for me. Nana is not one to venture out too far from family and present friends. Papa, on the other hand, loves every bit of it. He is having a grand time with our next door neighbor, Frank. They do puzzles and read the same books. Of course, they have to discuss the book as the second person is reading it. The second person is supposed to attempt to figure out "who done it." It's great to see Papa have so much fun.

I am very happy spending my days just relaxing and basically doing nothing. Bet you're not surprised. It does seem strange to be staying in an apartment for so long. I have never been away from home for this length of time. But I am enjoying spending this time alone with Papa. We go for walks and spend hours and hours just looking at the blue ocean water.

See you in April.
Hugs and kisses,

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