Sunday, June 27, 2010

Zack's Moving Up Day

It is hard to believe Zack has moved up to sixth grade. He is physically across the school campus from Kara and Emily. He enjoyed his six years at Tamarac Elementary School and accomplished so much to make himself and us proud. Zack was recognized as a Student of Good Character. This is the award that makes my heart swell with pride. He is an A student. He had the lead roll in his fifth grade class play. He is getting better and better at playing the trombone. There are two things I believe Zack has enjoyed most. One is being a member of The Burnin' Rockers band, where he is one of the guitar players. He excels in Tae Kwondo under the instruction of Master Lee, who he has holds in high regard.

All Zack accomplished, he did not do alone. He is so fortunate to have awesome parents who are there when he stumbles, as well as when he shines. Ken and I are as proud of them as we are of their son. One would not be without the other.
Hugs and kisses,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Emily's Graduation from Pre-K

When Emily entered Our Lady of Victory's Pre-K program, she was very shy and quiet. Throughout this year we watched Em come into her own, showing her wonderful personality and really enjoying her friendships with her classmates. She sat very proudly on the stage smiling at her Mom, Dad and Sissy sitting in the first row of the audience. She did not hesitate for a moment when her name was called to receive her certificate. She walked to mid-stage and showed her sweet smile.

Before she even looked at her gifts from her family, Emily happily gave her gifts to her teachers. She socialized with her classmates and just had a great time. Later, she and her classmates celebrated at Hoffman's Playland with their families.

I am without a doubt sure Emily Xian will shine throughout her school years. Her accomplishments will be many, as will the friendships she will develop.
Hugs and Kisses,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Love and Caring of Family

Someone very special to Nana turned 99 years old yesterday. She is my Aunt Irene; your great-great Aunt Irene. Since Papa and I are in Florida with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Timmy, we were not able to share this wonderful day with her. It made me very sad when I thought of my Aunt Irene spending her birthday without family. I should have known better. Your Moms brought a beautiful cake, ice cream, balloons, flowers and cards to Maplewood Manor, the nursing home Aunt Irene lives in now, and had a great celebration. Zack and Alex, your Mom brought one of your family albums with her and Aunt Irene loved looking at all the pictures of you and your cousins. Zack, you made the most wonderful card, even including the year of Aunt Irene’s birth. I can’t express enough gratitude for all the effort your Moms and you put into remembering Aunt Irene on her special day. You see, Aunt Irene’s special day was made more special to me. Even though Papa and I were not physically with Aunt Irene, we have a memory of her 99th birthday to last forever. And, like your Great-grandpa Harpy always said, "It is all about memories.":~) We love you all and I miss you more than chocolate.
Hugs and kisses,