Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Emily's Big Sister Goes to Kindergarten

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hi everyone. Today was Kara's first day of kindergarten. She did wonderfully. She told me she was "a little nervous but alot excited". She was very excited this morning--chatting away as she ate breakfast and got ready. She was a tiny bit nervous at the bus stop but got right on the bus with her friends. She said she had a great day. Her teacher seems great and I've heard wonderful things about him. Kara did however inform me that she doesn't like to have to follow directions--she doesn't like people to tell her what to do. That ought to prove interesting.

Crossing the globe to the other side of the world, the China Film's seem to be doing pretty well, aside from the starving thing and Corey's bad back. I'm fairly certain I'm not going to be allowed to serve rice at our house for about 10 years. I owe them some good meals. Today when Corey and I talked, the conversation revolved around Kara so I actually don't know what they're doing today. I do know that Emily slept from 9:00 until at least 8:00. Woohoo!! I'll have more scoop for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Emily is already trying to fill Daddy's shoes. According to you folks, she's off to a good start with those 'big feet'! Kara is growing up too fast. She's going to be such a great help with her sister. She looks so cute starting off to school. I can't wait to see the girls playing together....
Love, Aunt Louise

Barb and Ken said...

Love the picture of Emily in Daddy's shoes. I remember Kara doing the same thing. Wonder what she will think of her baby sister. I can't believe Kara has started school already. Time is going by to quickly. Just can't wait to start bonding with my new granddaughter.
10:29 AM

Anonymous said...

I am having such a great time learning about Zack's new cousin. She is adorable. It just makes me more excited to meet Zack's new baby sister or brother. It can't come soon enough. I wish you all the best. You are so blessed. Zack's great aunt Nancy(Sue's Sister)
5:33 PM

Anonymous said...

Kristen, Emily is beautiful, I know when she meets you and Kara, she'll be just as happy as she is in the pics. Kara, I can't believe you started school already, you are such a big girl, and just as beautiful. Love ya, Uncle Tom
2:50 AM