Saturday, September 2, 2006

Journey to Emily Xian - As Told by Her Mom

I have two books Michelle had published of the journals she and Don kept while in Kazakhstan adopting Zack and Alex. I read them over and over. They were written so graphically I actually feel like I am in the book, seeing every day in detail.

My blog to my grandchildren begins with Kristen and Corey's journey to Ufa, Russia to bring Kara home to her forever family. I have decided to add Kristen's journal recounting Corey's and Connie's trip to China to meet the baby girl we all fell in love with the moment we saw her first picture. Her Mama and Big Sister waited not too patiently at home. I could not send this blog to the printer without including the Film's adoption journey to their second daughter, Emily Xian, from WuWei, China in Gansu Province. And so it began. . .
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