Friday, December 19, 2008

Missing Newspapers

I always seem to have more to write about Emily and Alex, but that is only because Kara and Zach spend their days at school and not at Nana and Papa's. But this post is quite interesting.

A few months back we were missing our daily newspaper more mornings than not. It was actually very frustrating. I would call The Record and they would say the paper had been delivered. I would hang up and say, "Yeah, right." Most days another paper would be delivered to us. It got so aggravating I actually called our delivery person to complain. It was then decided our paper was being taken by one of our neighbors. Any of you who have been to our house know we do not have many neighbors.

Well, Zach was over one night last week. He was very busy at the table writing something. When he finished, Zach showed us four plans he had devised to catch the paper snatcher in the act. I find them very interesting and quite imaginative. Hope you do, too.

Now you must read slowly, as printing is not one of our boy's strong points.
Hugs and kisses,

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niki said...

hi. i think that your boy has got a lot of immagination. The map gives the idea how to catch the thief.
claudia e niarica