Monday, September 13, 2010

The End of Our Fantastic Beginning

Our grandchildren have brought more happiness into our lives than we could ever have imagined. I'm sure you all know memories are very important to me. I have recorded in this blog many of the great times we have shared with Zach, Kara, Emily and Alex from the very day they came home to their forever families. I can not thank God enough for bringing these children to the parents they were destined to have love and cherish them forever. For some reason God needed another angel and chose our fifth grandchild, our sweet Amanda Lynn, who was born into Heaven. Amanda is Kristen and Corey's daughter and Guardian Angel to all our family. We will forever miss her. There have been many times I have felt Amanda on my left shoulder helping her Nana along the way. She does her job well.

This will be my last post to this blog. It is time to put it on paper and bound into a book of memories for each of our grandchildren. My hope is for them to read it and smile, remembering all the wonderful times we have shared with them. Like my Dad always said, "It is all about memories."

This blog will remain on the web forever. And there will be a second blog showing the latest developments in our grandchildren's lives. You can find it at:

I hope you will continue following us and sharing in our memories. Thank you for spending time with us these last few years. I hope you have enjoyed it.
Hugs and kisses,

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