Monday, August 2, 2010

Alex Turns Four

Alex had such an awesome time at both his birthday parties. That beautiful smile was on his face both days. One party was held at the Tree Paad Fun Center in Malta. Someone took a big empty building and made it into a house of fun for children. There is this "thing" you climb up into. When you reach the top, you can attack the people standing at the bottom (me, like a fool) with balls you shoot from what resemble machine guns. You can bet Corey and Mike had a fun time blasting me. Then it was on to face painting. Amazing, children really can sit perfectly still when it is to their benefit. Too funny. The kids enjoyed the cake and who doesn't enjoy watching someone else open 30 or so presents. After that, it was back to the fun room and all kinds of games. We also celebrated with cake and ice cream the day of his birthday.

Alex has been home for three years and two months. Every day he has brought more joy into our lives. He is a little boy who never stops running. But he rarely stops smiling either. How lucky am I to have Alex as my grandson.
Hugs and kisses,

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