Saturday, January 30, 2010

Zack and Kara's Christmas Concert - 2009

Zack and Kara took part in the same Christmas concert at Tamarac School this year. Kara was in the chorus, as was Zack. And this was the first time we had the pleasure of hearing Zack play his trombone as a member of the band. It brought back so many memories to me. Your Mom's were always in the chorus. Emily and Kara, your mom played the clarinet in middle school. Of course, soon after it was paid for, she quit!! Don't let her tell you anything different. Alex and Zack, your Mom played the saxophone and other instruments. She LOVED playing and continued on till graduation from high school. Oh my, we had to sit through so many concerts. These are some of the ways we are buying our way to Heaven (many years from now).
Hugs and kisses,

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Don, Michelle, Zachary, and Alexander said...

Yes, you are going to heaven, but I was good at the saxophone! Beautiful pictures as usual Momm.