Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Emily Bringing Me a Treat & Kara Joining the Fun

Tuesday Emily arrived with a gift for Nana. She searched in her bag for my surprise, while her Dad waited patiently. Out came two fudgcicles (sp?)! At 8:30 am Emily and I were enjoying our treat and laughing like fools. Then she says something and I can not hear her. She says,"Let me see your ears!", in a very loud voice. She looks in my ears and screams, "Put those things in. You no can hear me." I never know what to expect from our China Doll. God help us when she gets to school.

Papa picked Kara up from the bus and, as usual, all heck broke loose. Papa became a horse or camel - who knows what. The girls were yelling and screaming till Nana couldn't take it any more.

We enjoyed another day with our girls.
Hugs and kisses,

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