Saturday, November 10, 2001

First Step - Getting to New York City

The closer we get to NYC, the more nervous I am. Who’s idea was this anyway?? Just kidding!! At this point in our lives, this is the most important trip we will ever make and the only one that will be more important is when we bring our baby girl home. Our flight doesn’t leave until tomorrow but after all of the traffic that we encountered when we were picking up Zachary and parents from JFK, I just couldn’t chance it. Corey, after putting up a bit of a fight, agreed to leave today just to make sure I didn’t have a breakdown (which I’m hoping that he has realized would have been first of many that I’m sure I will have during this trip). Saying goodbye to Michelle today was emotional, which caught me off guard. I didn’t think that I would be, although she thought I would be. I guess it feels a bit strange to be making this monumental trip alone, without our families who have helped us to get this far.

We are in our room at the hotel now. It’s a nice hotel but not nearly as nice as the price would suggest!! From the window in our room we can see all of LaGuardia Airport, which looks pretty cool. We have decided to eat in the hotel and not venture out into NYC. We have a few big days ahead and I think they will be adventurous enough for me!! On the flip side of that, there’s not too much to do in the hotel so it seems I have some extra time to be nervous.

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